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By Neil Snyder
One thing stands out in my mind about President Obama's so-called "budget
strategy." He doesn't have one. You can see evidence of Mr. Obama's
strategic vacuum in everything he does. Take the much ballyhooed budget
speech he gave yesterday at George Washington University, for example. It
contradicts the message he delivered as a part of his 10-year budget just a
few short weeks ago. All of the evidence points to the fact that Obama's "
budget strategy" is simply a kneejerk reaction to Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-
Wisconsin) budget proposal which really does reflect strategic thinking. It
's been said, and it's true, that talk is cheap. Talk seems to be the only
arrow in Mr. Obama's quiver.
The president's speech droned on for about an hour and when it was over, the
most memorable thing about it was its lack of specificity. The phrase "my
plan," which he used repeatedly is not a substitute for specifics, and the
examples he used to support his "plan" were woefully inadequate. Take
infrastructure spending, for instance. The president explained that he
would spend on infrastructure. Who's against that? No one. Problem is,
infrastructure spending was supposed to be the primary focus of his stimulus
package. Two years ago, we were told about the "shovel-ready projects"
that would get us out of the Great Recession and fix our crumbling roads and
bridges in the process. Two years and hundreds of billions of dollars
later, what does the record show? We still have crumbling roads and bridges
, precious little construction work, and more deficits and debt than any
generation of Americans has ever seen with more to come. That's not
strategy. It's business as usual. Paraphrasing Albert Einstein, "The
quality of thinking that got us here won't get us out of here."
If the president had a strategy for dealing with our deficit and debt
problems, he would have presented it long ago -- in detail. He could have
used his budget commission's plan to get our fiscal house in order as the
launching pad to introduce his strategy, and he would have if he had one.
President Obama's silence at that critical moment was deafening, and
yesterday's Johnny-come-lately gimmick was nothing more than an attempt to
avoid the appearance of incompetence -- a trick that is becoming
increasingly difficult for him to pull off even among his once ardent
supporters. The president's "plan" to call on legislators to find a
solution to our deficit and debt problems by the end of June a week after
Rep. Ryan submitted his plan to the House of Representatives is laughable.
Again, that's not strategy. It's just empty words.
Mr. Obama's strategic void has been on display in the Middle East since the
Arab Spring began in January. For instance, consider Egypt. Obama stood
with our long-time ally, Hosni Mubarak, and then he didn't. Then he stood
with him again until the political winds shifted, at which point Obama
announced that it was time for Mr. Mubarak to go. Our president has
demonstrated the same lack of strategic resolve on matters related to Syria,
Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Our president's
inability to grasp strategic concepts is so pervasive that the King of Saudi
Arabia said recently that President Obama is a threat to Saudi Arabia's
internal security. I think he's a threat to our internal security as well.
Mr. Obama did have a strategy for getting elected to the highest office in
the land, but it wasn't his. Whose plan it was remains a mystery, as does
almost everything else about our president, from the hospital where he was
born to his SAT and LSAT scores to his academic performance records to his
golf handicap. Even so, the facts are beginning to emerge. Take his first
autobiography, for example. Jack Cashill's Deconstructing Obama suggests
strongly that Obama didn't write it and that Bill Ayers probably did.
It's looking a lot like someone or some group carefully orchestrated a
comprehensive strategy to take an obscure Illinois lawyer specializing in
community organizing from nowhere to the White House. That plan will go
down in the annals of history as a strategic masterpiece -- a stroke of
genius. No one deft enough to devise a scheme for Obama's political
ascension could be so strategically clumsy in office.
A few days ago, Mort Zuckerman, a publishing and real estate magnate, said
on CNBC that Donald Trump's autobiography would be the greatest love story
ever told. Mr. Trump wants to be president, and he's distancing himself
from other wannabes by calling into question Mr. Obama's place of birth. I
don't support Trump's candidacy, but I applaud his willingness to challenge
Mr. Obama to come clean and divulge the facts. That's something Republican
stalwarts haven't done; it's something the mainstream media failed to do;
and it's something ordinary citizens need to know. The unraveling of Mr.
Obama's past will be interesting to say the least, but this much is certain
already. Barack Obama, a.k.a Barry Soetoro, is not a strategist. At best,
he's a skillful opportunist.
Neil Snyder has a Ph.D. degree in strategic management and taught leadership
and strategy at the University of Virginia for 25 years. He retired from
UVA in 2004 and is currently the Ralph A. Beeton Professor Emeritus at UVA.
His blog, SnyderTalk.com, is posted daily.
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let's face the hard truth once and for all.
If we believed all those shits liberals promoted all the time about god-like
Olechimp, of course we got tons of frustration after seeing this low life
done virtually nothing what he promised in speeches to bring this country on
its feet.
How wrong were some of us on that!
The point I want to make is, now, let's unravel the "myth" about this AA
lawyer of shady past and face the core truth. He is just basically a south
Chicago community coordinator. No more, no less!
With that much in mind, everyone should understand that what this chimp did
was exactly what he should've been expected of! A perfect match to his
Odds are we could've been better off if we brought an elephant into white
house - at least, it could provide organic liberal manures to Michelle's
house garden!
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