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,并在App Store投入达10亿美元。
苹果引用Distimo数据指出,App Store目前在全球应用市场所占收益为63%,超过
Google Play所占的37%。
苹果App Store目前共有120万款应用,整体下载量超过750亿次,每周有3亿人次访问
App Store。
app-store(from pocketgamer)
app-store(from pocketgamer)
2013年App Store用户总投入达100亿美元,自该应用商店问世以来,开发者收益已达
2)据pocketgamer报道,King公司上市后在三月底的股价比IPO时下降了10%左右,并... 阅读全帖
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Play-Doh Duffel Bag: 4x 5-oz Cans Play-Doh, Extruder + Rail, 6-Cutters,
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来自主题: _pennystock版 - PSP以前贴过的ER play (转载)
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发信人: wavelets (Stay hungry, stay foolish), 信区: Stock
标 题: PSP以前贴过的ER play
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Fri Oct 22 00:17:58 2010, 美东)
其实觉得psp的玩儿法一般般,以前我好像也贴过一个ER play的总结,懒的再写了,就
发信人: psp (I love psp), 信区: Stock
标 题: how to play ER (update)
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Fri Jul 20 23:30:08 2007)
pre-ER play:
high volatible stock such rimm, bidu etc:
1. call or put spread
2. call+put, even you can very bullish, use 1/10 of call money to buy very
OTM put, if may ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Stock版 - PSP以前贴过的ER play
其实觉得psp的玩儿法一般般,以前我好像也贴过一个ER play的总结,懒的再写了,就
发信人: psp (I love psp), 信区: Stock
标 题: how to play ER (update)
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Fri Jul 20 23:30:08 2007)
pre-ER play:
high volatible stock such rimm, bidu etc:
1. call or put spread
2. call+put, even you can very bullish, use 1/10 of call money to buy very
OTM put, if may save you ass
low volatible stock such intc, msft etc:
1. long stock+put or short stock+call
some bad plays:
1. long or short stock only
2. long... 阅读全帖
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我已经是他们家用户 刚开始说不行 我说那个有的人要求了supervisor 可以 他就给了
我目前的计划便宜了15一个月. 大家试试看。
Bright House Triple Play $80 / Double $75 for a year
Bright House has 2 promo codes for Double Play at $75 and Triple Play at $80
for a year each.
The codes are intended to work for new costumers only BUT you should be able
to get it working on an existing account if you request a supervisor.(
Supervisor needs to put a request to override for an existing account.)
Expiration is unknown. It works in selected service areas. Note:... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Bridge版 - Test your play
Suppose Ace from AK, it's impossible to play west for SQT8 or KT8 since he
knows to play ST in this situation, so you can play west for 8x, duck the
next round if east plays ST or SQ. Of course, if you suspect that west holds
KQ8x or KQ8, you can also try to play SJ, the better your opp is, the more
likely that SJ may work. However, SJ may lose when LHO holds T8x in a silly
way (also, if A shows AK, it's quite unlikely that LHO doesn't bid over your
1H opening with SKQ8(x)). so I still think low... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Bridge版 - Guess how BBO stars play
That will be my choice too, and it seems to be the reasonable one.
On the table, sound played small D, K won the trick.
If you were at this point, I would think you would play a spade, right?
That is not the declarer's play again. He played C to hand. Okay, still the
hand is not deat. What do you play here? What do you guess he played?
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来自主题: Bridge版 - play 4S
I wasn't saying it's a clear play. However, in this situation, if declarer
is very likely to hold a shortness and you hold 5 or more diamonds, then
declarer usually has D shortness. Based on this guess, it's normal to
encourage H. If declarer holds 2H + 1D, D switch shouldn't work in many
layouts because declarer can ruff one D and end play partner later with a
lot of good club holdings like AJx, KQT.
Basically, if my partner can find this defensive play, I would really say it
's a reasonable ga... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Football版 - 昨天 trick play 里的主招和副招
这个 trick play 的要害,在于 RB Vareen report 只是个副招,
主招在 TE Hooman。
仔细想想,blocker number 和 receiver number 的权利并不对等。
进攻号码是blocker的人(G/OG/OT),default 不能 receive;
但进攻号码是 eligible receiver 的人,default 却是既能receive 也能 block。
所以,绝大多数情况下,eligible receiver 不会 “主动降级”
report as ineligible to receive,
就算他只打算 block 不打算 receive,也无须报告。
只有在需要保持5人以下 receiver 的时候,才会有队员主动降级。
来看看几种涉及到升级/降级的 trick play:
情况一) 常见的一种 trick play里,上了6个OL,
report一次,即最外面的一个OL号码升级为 eligible receiver。
情况二) 不太常见的另一种 trick play 里,需要报告两次,
包括 receiver 主动降... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Football版 - 西雅图的最后两个play
主要参考nfl的soundfx里 "seahawk's drive ends in doom"这个片子,因为现场转播的
75,96,94,95,97+54,55,5... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Golf版 - play at pilly
ET, Thanks for your compliments.
It was a really fun round of golf. I learned a lot from ET by playing aside
him and discussing with him during the dinner.
ET played very well. Very solid from tee to green. well, the best player I'
ve ever played with. (I didn't play with too many people tho :)).
I played OK, actually, almost the best round I've ever had. I never thought
I could play 7000+ yard course. Encouraged by ET, I gave it a try. turns out
pretty well, not too embarrassed. :)
it will be
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原来他让所有进攻教练一起call play,你一个,我一个。这样敌人找不着北,没有规
。就是有时候叫慢了,不够时间得用个Time out。金哈巴自己有否决权。而且他每场
play,阵型一样,play都会调整,有时候是route,有时候是block scheme。所以如果
通常死悄悄。当然金哈巴还有一些惯用的play,每场球都用例如那个jet sweep,搞了
很多big play和TD,但使用时机真是恰到好处。
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来自主题: TexasHoldem版 - how would you play this hand?
50bb 是很short. 3 bet 一个preflop , flop bet 后就已经commit了。 i use to
play 60X. it was too short for me. Now i play rebuy top off anything below 80bb
buy in short is easier to play, but not good to sharpen your plays. Deep stack poker is much more difficult. I remember i started play with 40X bb at the beginning. then i increase to 60X bb and was not doing well. Nowadays, I don't feel comfortable when I am shorter than 80 bb. But I don't play anything deeper than 160bb yet.. I don't feel i am
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I will start mine:
I am not sure how many hands I played since most my game are
HUSNG and I lost my HH during to computer crash.
One of the best hand I played this year is to shove 3 pair on
the board in position for value.
I played with a very loose player. I raised every button, he
got tilted and started to shove most of my raise. I have to fold most of
them. so I started to limp some playable hand on button in order to see flop
and play in position. We p... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: TexasHoldem版 - yuanjunjun, what level headup SNG you play?
fryking is right.
I play 20$, 35$ dollar super turbos. They has great value in it. Definitely,
I play 50$ super turbos regularly sometimes. Sometimes, I go nuts, and play
200$, 500$ games, but just a couple here and there.
It is not just shoving preflop, you need play postflop. Because it is super
turbo, I will have a lot of Out of Position plays also. In regular HU sng, it is not profitable to play OOP.
Usually, the ROI is very small, pay attention to it.(for example, your average profit for on... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: TexasHoldem版 - The worst tournament I've ever played!
nice shot!
$800 is not a bad deal at all, i guess if you back down a little to $900, it
's already a deal, hehe.
also, these $60 tourneys are normally bad becasue you're very likely paying
$20 or so in entry fee. 92 ppl could easily take 3+ hours too.

third tournament I played in two years, so I didn't know much about the
tournament structure and how important it is.
know since it was my first time tournament play over there. 92 entrants
last night. I played very aggressively. Made one mistake ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: TexasHoldem版 - The worst tournament I've ever played!
$800 is pretty good deal, I think I will take it.

third tournament I played in two years, so I didn't know much about the
tournament structure and how important it is.
know since it was my first time tournament play over there. 92 entrants
last night. I played very aggressively. Made one mistake and got lucky one
time. Ad9d vs KK, and I hit my flush on the river. Overall I played very
8k-30k, most of those were around 15k. So after I moved to the final table,
players were discussing chopp... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: TexasHoldem版 - Played my first ever 2-3 live PLO
6) Game flow. As I first sat down I am like a 羞涩的少女. Slowly I flow into
the game. I could feel when 白站长 lost a pot and ready to repot preflop so
I tossed my speculative hands which I normally play. The game kept changing
dynamics but overall I managed to play accordingly. I did loose up a little
and played a few marginal hands from bad positions but stopped the bleeding
in time.
7) Normally I would play to table break. This is the fist time I set the 2
hours timer before sitting down. I ends up ... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: TexasHoldem版 - played a couple of hand in FL yesterday night
Key west trip on Columbus weekend, returned to hotel in Fort Lauderdale
early the night and decide to find a casino to play some poker before the
next day's morning flight. Bought in $100 and came out $146 in 2-3 hours,
not as excited as many of the DaNius here but it's a huge improvement than
my first casino trip of down $300. Not much interesting hands but several
more lessons learnt for me.
1. No matter how hot the weather is, poker room is still freaking cold.
I made a huge mistake only wear... 阅读全帖
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经版上推荐,买了个华为 P9 EVA-AL00。 什么都挺好的,就是Google Play Store 装
不上,华为应用市场里搜google, 也没有找到play store and play services,只找到
Gmail, Chrome, Youtube, google contacts 之类, 但只有 Chrome 和 Google
Contacts 可用,Gmail, Youtube 都说需要 google play services. 但找不到google
play services怎么装?
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Pretend and Play School by Learning Resources $2.98 + $6.87 shipping from
Toys R Us
Nick Jr
National Parenting
Ring the bell...it's time to play school! The Pretend & Play School Playset
lets kids set up a classroom and assume the roles of teacher and students.
Fun and educational playset includes a two-sided map, tri-fold board,
pointer, clock with movable hands, dry-erase board, two-sided calendar with
weather, schools supplies pocket, eraser, note pad, hall passes, pencils,
... 阅读全帖
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Discovery Kids Indoor/ Outdoor Princess Play Castle
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feel like a real princess in a royal setting. Fun in the yard or home, the
Princess Play Castle sets up in minutes to form a large, 4.5-foot tall x 3-
foot wide tent.
Conve... 阅读全帖
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43 sets Wii Play+Nunchuck & 3 Wii Plays
$69.98 for each set
$49.99 for each wii play w/ remote
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发信人: cashformile (低调 红色), 信区: PDA
标 题: 这是啥形式的骗局? 求解释 信誉求购google play 开发者帐号
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Thu May 3 00:13:07 2012, 美东)
信誉求购google play 开发者帐号,10分钟赚$35的机会
关键字: android,publisher,google play,收购
发信站: BBS 未名空间站 (Wed May 2 00:46:05 2012, 美东)
$60诚心求购google play publisher account(注册只需25刀)
息可以随意填写,然后是... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: NextGeneration版 - 求推荐无毒、鲜艳、价格便宜的play mat!
准备搬新家,想买个play mat给宝宝。在版上考古,发现play mat有毒性的隐患,这个
比较纠结,宝宝难免会到处啃。请大家推荐个无毒、鲜艳、价格便宜的play mat吧!
有mm推荐的Dwinguler Eco-friendly Kids Play Mat,小贵。我向“赞助商”lg请示了
play mat能用到多久呢?有必要买这么贵的么?
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来自主题: NextGeneration版 - Rock n Play选择
听大家说rock n play是新妈的life saver,一定得备上一个,可这两天在看各种rock n
play,快晕了。有没有美妈可以谈谈经验,fisher price的new born rock n play,
auto rock n play, deluxe rock n play,用起来到底有啥区别?或者还有其他好用或
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今天去Kohl's用KC,看到所有Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Engine/Play Set 50%
off,买了两个烧掉$30 KC
Sodor Engine Wash - $16.99 (Reg. Price $32.99 at Kohl's)
Sodor Steamworks Repair Shed - $16.99 (Reg. Price $32.99 at Kohl's)
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来自主题: NewYork版 - Broadway Jazz Play "It's a Hardbop Life"
As an organizer of "Los Angeles Asian Graduate Students and Professionals Meetup" group, I got an invitation to bring up to 20 people for a particular Thursday (3/10 thru 5/5) night (10:30PM PERFORMANCES ONLY), and the location is 358 West 44th Street, NYC 10036.
The policy for this event is --- If I reserve the ticket and people do not show up, I will be fined $20 for each no-show. If everyone show up, it is free for the entire group.
We don't need to have exactly 20 people, so I prefer a gr... 阅读全帖
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As for Lin, Woodson said that he hasn't looked in great shape during
workouts, which could also be a determining factor in whether he plays
But Woodson reiterated throughout his chat with reporters Monday that the
final decision would be up to Lin and the Knicks' medical staff. Woodson
said he would not push Lin to return on Wednesday if he wasn't comfortable
doing so.
"It's just not my place to do that," the coach said. "These professional
teams have the best trainers, the best docto... 阅读全帖
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It was actually kind of soft when I played, too. Before I played, that was
the real NBA, and I’m sure the guys that played before me would say that’s
the real NBA. But before I came in, with Mike playing against Detroit and
the Bad Boys – that was the real NBA. I kind of played in the soft era,
also. And then of course, with me being dominant, everybody crying about the
rules, that just made it more so. But now it’s very soft.
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来自主题: Bridge版 - How to play this hand
I ducked the spade and RHO switched to a low heart. I looked at the H9 on
table for some seconds... and played low from my hand... LHO won with H10 and
continued hearts. turned out RHO had HKQ...5555
I won the third round heart with A, LHO pitched a spade. I Played Club A and
Q. Then DK, all low. Then DQ, RHO played low again (obviously she did not have
DA), and I knew I was dead if LHO had Axx because:
1) If I play low diamond from my hand, LHO could duck and win the third round
D and then play
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来自主题: Bridge版 - A slam play problem
Let us say, you bid to 6S and need to make the contract on trump lead:
Contract: 6S, lead: S2
you play 9 from dummy, which wins the trick. Plan the play from here.
If you play CJ from dummy, RHO plays Q, and if you allow it to win, he plays
a 2nd trump, which both follow.
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来自主题: Bridge版 - Test your play
West won't play T from QT8 or KT8. There is no entry to East hand to lead S
through, so with QT8/KT8, West should play S8 anyway, hoping that you
somehow guess wrong and put in SJ.
Your reasoning for playing low from dummy is sound. The real question is
what do you play if East now plays SQ. If you duck, you lose when West
indeed led from KT8. If you win SA, then maybe West did have 8x only, East
just false-carded from KQTxx.
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来自主题: Bridge版 - how do you play this 3H?
Here are the things you missed:
1) East has at least one more diamond. He played D6 first, then D7. If he
had doubleton, he would have played D7 then D6. This is not a time to false-
card, since you will more likely mislead partner.
2) Another clue is that East opened 3C and has shown 6 clubs. If East has
doubleton diamonds plus stiff HK, he will have 4 spades. Not impossible, but
relatively unlikely.
3) In the actual play, HA drops HK, how can it cost to play a spade now?
Instead the declarer r... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Bridge版 - play 4S
the most straight forward play is to ruff D, draw trumps then play H to J. H
has to be 3-3 if opps play UDCA( of course, some times opps may lead A from
Axxx and his partner happens to hold KT, which is very very rare.)
LHO has to duck HK, otherwise, you win 2H, 1D, 7 trumps.
so you win HJ, cash DA and ruff D again. now you can play H again to end
play LHO.
This line requires LHO to hold 2-3-3-5 or 3-3-3-4 shape to work. It also
works when LHO holds doubleton D, and H9, so he can't pitch HK to u... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Football版 - Re: 哪些plays是unchallengable的?

Reviewable Plays:
The Replay System will cover the following play situations only:
(a) Plays governed by Sideline, goal Line, End Zone, and End Line:
(1) Scoring Plays, including a runner breaking the plane of the goal line.
(2) Pass complete/incomplete/intercepted at sideline goal line, end zone,
and end line.
(3) Runner/receiver in or out of bounds.
(4) Recovery of loose ball in or out of bounds.
(b) Passing Plays:
(1) Pass ruled complete/incomplete/intercepted in the field of pla
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阵形:小马进攻,3rd and 9 at Chicago 16. 小马是2WR,2TE set, both WRs on left
. 狗熊nickel package
快评:这是曼宁和小马offense开始calm down的series. 小马推进到狗熊红区。狗熊这
个play和它前面的那个play的防守,是全场比赛中少用的rush 6防守 --狗熊的防守属
于中规中举型,一般只pass rush四个DL。这两个play狗熊aggressive了一把,效果不
错。前面的那个play,狗熊除了4个DL,又把SLB 92号和MLB Urlacher投入到pass rush
中,直接造成小马本来的playaction计划破产,Addai用来block SLB, 曼宁临时后退找
hot read Harrison (因为blitz的SLB来自Harrison的右侧) ,勉强拿下4码。这个play
狗熊的守阵更怪,两个LB,54号Urlacher和55号Briggs都列阵在line of scrimmage上
。nickel back Ricky M
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Aaron Rodgers is 'coach-smart,' Mike McCarthy says.
Rodgers has reached the point that he is calling more than half of the plays
in an average game.
"Mike might call two plays, and then they'll go no-huddle," former Packers
backup quarterback Seneca Wallace told Silver. "So of the 70 plays in a game
, Aaron might end up calling 40. But it really eats at Mike when he doesn't
know what play Aaron is calling. He'll be like, 'What the f... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Golf版 - 我也来说说这个slow play 罚
‘Other than on the putting green, the timing of a player's stroke will
begin when it is his turn to play and he can play without interference or
distraction. Time spent determining yardage will count as time taken for the
next stroke.
A player is permitted 40 seconds to play a stroke. This 40 second time limit
includes the first to play from the teeing ground, from the fairway and
from around and on the putting green. Any player being timed, who exceeds
the allowed time to play a stro... 阅读全帖
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A post mentioned Chic Harley and his retired #47 in OSU football. What a
unbelievable guy he was! He played football - would've won 2 or even 3
Heisman trophies had it existed then, he started 2 years for basketball,
started 3 years for baseball, he competed in 50-yard dash and set a big-10
record that lasted for years, two professional baseball teams invited him to
play years later. He shot 82 the first time he played golf!!! I know a guy
is learning and has played golf for a few months and he
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Braxton Miller受伤的时候,我们的Kenny G大放光彩。并且我们的教练组纷纷吹嘘说
因为有Kenny G在,我们的进攻calling可以完全不变。
昨天中场休息结束以后,市长说,我们下半场要open up我们的Playbook
明显Kenny在场上的时候,我们的play calling更多样化。我们在赛季初段玩过的trick
play,trick 阵形,都到哪里去了?
Kenny G在的时候,好几次跑了speed option,Braxton上来以后今年总共叫过几次
speed option?别跟我说Braxton Miller不会跑Speed option。2011年我们只要摆出
pistol阵形就是Braxton Miller的speed option run!
3 linemen的那个阵形 (Kenny G跑了个QB draw的),后来去哪了?这个阵形自带两侧
screen的package,或者fake screen wheel route的,今年就用过那么一次
Kenny G - Braxton Reverse run/pass option呢?
5-... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Pingpong版 - At LA, playing with wsgwz
At LA, playing with wsgwz
I met wsgwz two times and played with him two times.
For both times, I had a light dinner first with him and then went the club to
Good food in LA.
I heard that there are 4 table tennis clubs in one street. Amazing.
Most of players in the club are better players (1700~2400).
During the second time, I played with wsgwz two times (wsgwz:USATT2011= 3:1 and 2:3).
However, I felt that wsgwz was better than me. His forehand looping was
great and his footwork was very fa... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Pingpong版 - At LA, playing with wsgwz
My brief impressions on USATT2011:
The first impression I have on USATT2011 is that what an energetic and
passional player he is. Of the seven days he was staying in Los Angeles, I
think he might have taken up all the spare time he could possibly have on
playing pingpong for a total of 6 nights and one whole day tournament.
I don't think that there is anything else that I could come out to explain
it but a USATT2011-insanity. And certainly, he could not achieve it without
the devoted support fro... 阅读全帖
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Local Table Tennis Community,
Triangle Table Tennis, the new, dedicated Table Tennis Center conveniently
located in the middle of the Research Triangle, is getting ready to open
We are working hard to prepare for our Center’s Grand Opening on the last
weekend in May, to coincide with the arrival of our Head Coach, Fei-Ming
In the meantime, we are pleased to offer several free Open-Play
opportunities prior to our Grand Opening. Although we’ll still be
implementing some of our plan... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Soccer版 - 阿来说话了:play with courage!
AC Milan coach Massimo Allegri has urged his side to "play with courage''
when they face holders Barcelona in tomorrow night's Champions League opener.
A match which historically would pit two of football's superpowers against
each other takes place at the Nou Camp with the sides no longer on a level
playing field following the decline of Italian football.
Milan head to Catalonia as Serie A champions but Allegri concedes they will
be underdogs against the side recognised as the best in the world... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: Tennis版 - Tennis.com: Learn to play like Li Na
wow, Li Na 貌似被捧为前三值得学习的明星了,莎娃和A拉还没上市呢
1. Learn to Play Like: Serena Williams
2. Learn to Play Like: Victoria Azarenka
3. Learn to Play Like: Li Na
4. Learn to Play Like: Maria Sharapova (coming May 7)
5. Learn to Play Like: Agnieszka Radwanska (coming May 14)
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Mentality is not something you can teach. It's through win/loss from many
league matches.
Actions is something you can recommend. If my shot hit right on top of line
(cross court or I feel is near the baseline), I won't argue. Just keep
playing. You do have option to add a little topspin to keep ball in or play
more high percentage. After all, you shouldn't aim the sideline, baseline
all the time. High percentage is the way to go. If a my DTL shot hit right
on top of line or I saw the ball is i... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: TexasHoldem版 - good read or bad play?
you two are not cautious, both are trying to slow play.
both hands explain one thing, at least at these stakes, ppl tend to
slow play monsters while act strong with medium hands. we need to reverse it
btw, the poker blueprint is a good book (although based on 6-max), the first
half is basic stuff, you can go ahead and read the 2nd half (covering this
paired situations), very helpful.
slow play is not a bad thing, but it has problems too:
1) miss value against medium hands;
2) more sca... 阅读全帖
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Matt Savage told today at 2+2 poker forum about the huge cash games that are currently being played at APT Macau. Savage tells that the game has been No-Limit Hold'em with blinds of ~$650/$1300, and today they will double the blinds.
The game has featured players like Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Phil Ivey, Chau "La Key U" Giang and John Juanda playing with Chinese businessman:
"Despite the light turnout at the Asian Poker Tour Macau the cash games are some of the biggest in history as Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey... 阅读全帖
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来自主题: TexasHoldem版 - How will you play this hand? A live cash game
the way i see this:
1) you only got 72BB before this hand, and 7BB to open from UTG. why are we
playing AJs this way at all? are we looking for some Axx flops? no, most of
time if xx are not spades, it'll be a very tough hand to play out of
position with an awkward stack size (not shallow to make easy decisions or
deep to play creatively). so we're playing more likely for Jxx or nut flush
draw flops for a big pot (even in 2/5NL, 7BB UTG is big);
2) ok then, here you hit your best flop. i like yo... 阅读全帖
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